Summer FAQ

What is Fashion Camp and why choose us?

Fashion Camp – Create. Design. Sew. is a creative learning space centered on all things fashion. Not only do we have a ton of fun – we teach your kids creating, designing and sewing skills, from inspiration to the final project. We sketch, drape, create, design, hand-sew, machine sew and more. We host workshops, camps (summer, winter, spring break), classes (for kids ages 7-15), birthday parties, private parties, and more! Our fashion studio is fully stocked with fabric, notions and anything you could need for the multiple projects each camp includes. This is Fashion Camp’s 13th year of Summer Camps and is run by Camp Counselors that have attended various fashion schools and work(ed) in the industry. We have been featured on KTLA and in various magazines, including Seventeen and Inc.!


Can I claim this Summer Camp for my Child Tax Credit?

Yes you can! Our Tax ID # is 45-3637852. Not sure what the child tax credit is? Check the government website to see how you can claim yours:

How can I request that my child be in the same group with their friends?

We love when friends come to camp together! We are happy to make sure friends/siblings sit with each other. If you are registering by phone then you can let us know then, or you can always email us at


What should I send my child with each day?

We will supply the great camp atmosphere and everything they’ll need for sewing! You may send your camper with a water bottle and a snack (we usually take a snack break half way through the camp).

FULL DAY campers must pack a sack lunch. They will not be allowed to leave camp to purchase lunch.


Do Boys go to Fashion Camp?

Yes! Boys absolutely come to Camp. We’ve got tons of projects for boys – pj’s, messenger bags, drawstring backpacks, wallets, Emoji pillows, and more! Sewing is an art and a science. It builds dexterity and is an absolute life skill – ALL are welcome!


My Child Has Never Done Anything Like This Before…

That is ok! We expect beginners, and can cater to more advanced sewers. Anytime we offer a sewing class or camp, we will include a lesson on the sewing machines. If your child has sewn before, we’ll do a review for them and then go straight into cutting patterns (and we’ll increase the level of difficulty of the project need be).


Can my child bring in food/snacks to Camp?

Yes! We encourage students to bring in snacks, including water bottles and other drinks. If your child is attending a Sewing Workshop / Full Day Camp with us, please make sure to pack a sack lunch. There will not be an opportunity to leave Camp to purchase food. Fashion Camp sells bottled water for just $2. We just ask to keep all food and beverages away from our sewing machines and projects. Children will have a designated area for keeping their snacks.


Who Are Your Instructors?

Our instructors first and foremost, love fashion. But not only do they love it, they live it. Our founder is a graduate of fashion school, and spent 17 years working in the fashion industry. Our instructors come from the local industry (local designers, merchandisers) and/or are enrolled at the local fashion schools (CSULB, FIDM, OCC and SCC). All have completed professional background checks through Sterling Information, as well as passed Megan’s Law searches. Each staffer is hired for his/her specific talents ranging from sketching and sewing to designing, pattern-making and working with children.


May I stay with my child during a class?

At Fashion Camp, we make sure students stay focused, with an instructor to guide them through all lessons. We feel when parents or guardians are present, children tend to be distracted and their attention is split. You are welcome to check in on your child, but we suggest students take classes independently.


What if my child has food allergies?

At Fashion Camp, we make sure every student has a Registration/Waiver Form filled out prior to taking a class, camp or workshop. This form has a section for medical conditions. If your child has a food allergy, please inform us ahead of time, as well write it on the form, and we will make sure every instructor is aware of your child’s condition.

Click here to fill out the Registration/Waiver form.